How It Works

How we save you more money on every vacation!

​We can save you more money on almost every cruise or resort vacation you book with us instead of booking with the cruise lines or resorts directly or any other online agencies!  This also includes Disney and Universal.

The cruise lines and resorts set the prices on their vacations. If you book it directly, they keep the full amount. If you book with our agency, Thin Blue Line Travel, they will give us part of the amount you paid for the vacation as commission. Our charity donations and your on board credits or gifts comes from that commission.

Some cruise lines and resorts have banned any form of agency discounting so we share with you the discount in the form of an on-board credit or gift cards. It's that simple.

Thin Blue Line Travel will check rates at time of final payment and refare any cruise booked when allowed by the cruise line. 

Our clients are responsible for checking for lower rates prior to final payment and advising us if they have found a lower rate offered by the cruise line but we also try our best as well if we see a special or reduced rate before final payment. This ensures you get the lowest rate possible.

Most cruise lines may allow a refaring up until final payment date. Please ask us more about this great way to save when you book your next cruise with Thin Blue Line Travel. 

We will refare a maximum of THREE times per booking if allowed.