Become a Thin Blue Line Travel Agent today!

 Agents will earn commission to book their own personal travel, family, friends, Facebook friends, business contacts, groups, and more! Agents will have access to our Expedia & VaxVacationAccesss agent booking engines as well as the Web's Largest Cruise database online booking engine!

Book your own vacations and earn commission. It's FREE to join.


At this time, Thin Blue Line Travel, LLC and it's affiliates cannot conduct business in and with the residents of the following states:  Washington, Hawaii, and California

USA only at this time.

Expedia Agent Affiliate Benefits

* If you book on Expedia already, now as an agent, you will be able to earn referral fees (commission) when you book all of your personal trips and/or for others whom you are legally authorized to act on our Expedia agent booking engine!
​* You may also save an Extra 10% or more on select hotels!
You will also receive special access to our Expedia Groups & Meetings planner site. Save up to 70%. Lowest Group Rate Guaranteed* Free nights for group coordinator* You can book your group and possibly travel free and earn the referral fees (commission) on the entire group!
* Over 321,000 hotels and more than 400 airlines, dynamic packages, top car rental companies and thousands of attractions.
Home rental properties  

Book: Resorts, Hotels, Cruises, World Tours!

Our Agent program is FREE to join. Start booking today!

For all other booking needs that are not included in our agent program, i.e. Disney Full Planning, please visit ThinBlueLineTravel Home Link above.

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Independent Agent Affiliate Agreement / Terms & Conditions

How it works

No matter where a trip is booked, there is a commission built into the price. 
If you book it directly with the hotels & resorts they keep all the commissions.
If you use an online booking engine company they keep all the commissions.
If you use yourself as a travel agent, you earn the commission.

Referral Fees - Commissions

 60%  to our Agent. This is after we deduct 10% to charity.

VAX VacationAccess - Agents will also have the ability to join

Travel Industry Card Program- Available upon qualification of sales. 


$300 total referral fees (commissions) on a booking you complete.
10% of the $300 referral fees (commissions) to charity = $30
$270 of the remaining referral fee(commissions) to be split between agent & our agency.
60/40% split: 60% to agent & 40% to our agency.
$162 to the agent.